Free Government Cellphones in Connecticut

Connecticut is a state that boasts of beautiful oceans laced with nice houses belonging to wall street executives and insurance moguls. That being said, you wouldn’t imagine it to be a place for poor, low-income earners who would be in need of a free cellphone from the government. Sadly, it’s not. Connecticut has about 300,000 residents who qualify for the lifeline assistance free cellphone program. This is very alarming, considering that this is one of the wealthiest states in the whole of The U.S. Typical of many states in America, Connecticut has exhausted too much of its resources and brought in too little to boast of. This has forced the state government to cut down government employee salaries, as well as lay off some workers completely. This has been done in a bid to maintain a manageable government workforce in the state. Truthfully, it seems like the financial situation of the low income or unemployed residents of Connecticut will become worse before it becomes any better. Therefore there may be more people in need of the lifeline assistance government free cellphones in one of America’s richest states.

Free Cell Phone Providers in Connecticut

If you live in the state of Connecticut, and you believe you are eligible for a free lifeline assistance cellphone, then the cellphone companies listed below are the ones you should get in touch with. Before you make a decision regarding which cellphone company to go with, you have to keep in mind that they all differ by packages, talk minutes, a number of texts, refill options, and they cater to different areas of the state. When you find one that suits your unique needs, then you can continue with the application process. These are the lifeline assistance cellphone companies you can find in Connecticut.

Lifeline Discount Companies in Connecticut

Sadly, a lifeline assistance cellphone company may not cater to your area of residence in the state, but all hope is not lost. There is something else you can try. You can reach out to a lifeline assistance company that can offer you something that is also tangible by the way of cellphone costs. These companies do not offer free cell phones, however, they can give you significant discounts on several mobile phone charges. These include talk minutes, number of texts, and data bundles. As at the time of this publication, T-Mobile is the only lifeline assistance cellphone company that offers heavy discounts to those low-income earners who are eligible.

Lifeline Cell Phone Eligibility in Connecticut

You can qualify for a lifeline assistance free cellphone in Connecticut based on two criteria.

  • Program based eligibility
  • Income-based eligibility

Program based eligibility: If you receive benefits from any of the programs listed below, then you may qualify for a free cellphone in the state.

Unfortunately, there were some state programs that used to grant eligibility to its members, not until 2017 when federal laws made them ineligible. These programs are listed below.

  • Care for Kids
  • Connecticut Energy Assistance Program
  • Contingency Heating Assistance Program
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Refugee Program
  • Rental Assistance
  • State Administered General Assistance
  • State Supplement to the Aged, Blind, or Disabled

Income-based eligibility: You can also qualify for your total household income is at, or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. We have done the calculations and the figures by ratio have been listed out below.

Members in Household: Annual income

1 member:          $17,226

2 members:    $23,274

3 members:    $29,322

4 members:    $35,370

5 members:    $41,418

6 members:    $47,466

7 members:    $53,514

8 members:    $59,562

For each additional member add $6,048 annually

What You Need to Do to Get a Free Government Cellphone in Connecticut

Below are the steps you need to take.

Check your eligibility: If you belong to any of the above relevant lifeline assistance programs, or fit into the required income bracket, then you are eligible.

Apply: Select the lifeline assistance cellphone company of your choice and fill out the application form, attached with relevant documents to prove your eligibility.


Connecticut is one of the richest states in America, yet it has about 300,000 qualified for the lifeline assistance free cellphone program.

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