GCI Communication Phones

GCI communication is one of the many companies that have continued to work with the government to provide affordable communication services to needy American citizens through the Lifeline program. The telecommunications company operates in Alaska, and only eligible persons are allowed to participate in the program. The following information provides a detailed description of the application process, eligibility, plans, and cell phones available for those interested in the free phone program.

Application Process

Enrollment with GCI Communication is the first step for you to become a part of the Lifeline Program. One of the platforms or ways you can utilize to apply is through the company’s website. It contains the details and necessary information required for you to register into their system. Upon filling in the required data as directed, you have to wait for feedback from the company for you to move to the next step. On the other hand, you can use the company’s customer care number to receive further directions on the application process. Once you contact the customer care desk, you will get all the help you need to start your application process with ease.


For those who qualify for the Lifeline Program through GCI Communication, you qualify for the following communication plan:

  • Unlimited nationwide voice minutes and texts for $1 per month
  • 12 GB of data

Once a customer exceeds the 12 GB data, he or she will continue to use data at a basic level of service for the rest of the billing phase. It’s important to take note that the service varies depending on market conditions.

Cell Phones

Eligible persons receive free government phones through GCI Communications. The company offers various cell phones to qualified persons. However, it’s imperative to take note that the phones are given to qualified persons depending on their availability. The implication here is that the company is the final determinant of the phone that one receives. You might not get the phone you wanted, but you will get a free phone that will allow you to communicate with your friends and loved ones at an affordable rate.


In reference to eligibility, there are two ways through which persons interested in the Lifeline Program can be eligible for free phones. The first way that one can become eligible is through participation in a government-assisted program. Participation in such a program means that one is needy and can’t afford the normal communication rates. Since this is a direct indication of one’s disadvantaged situation, there’s no need for a tedious vetting process. It automatically qualifies one to become a beneficiary of the program. An example of a government-assisted program is Supplemental Nutrition Assitance Program.

The second way through which one qualifies for a free government phone is a low income earning. If one’s income is low, this means that there’s a possibility of not being able to afford the normal communication rates. Essentially, if one’s income is below the one set by the federal government, such a person is eligible to be part of the program. If your income is at or below 135% of the federal government’s poverty guidelines, you qualify for the program. If you fall in the category of either of the eligibility guidelines, you can go ahead and apply for a free government phone through GCI Communication.

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