Assist Wireless Phones

Assist Wireless is one of the communication companies partnering with the government in the free cell phone program known as the Lifeline program. American citizens considered to be in need are offered the opportunity to own free cell phones for them to engage in communications in their day-to-day life. Currently, the company operates in the following states: Maryland, Arkansas, Minnesota, Missouri, and Oklahoma. The residents of these states who fall into the Lifeline category can apply for the program. Those who qualify for the program are described in detail later in the article. Get to learn more about Assist Wireless Phones below:

The Application Process

For you to qualify to be part of the program, you have to enroll with Assist Wireless. The first avenue that you can explore to apply is by visiting their website. Once you’re on their site, you will get information on how you can proceed. Once you fill the online application, you’ll have to wait for the company’s feedback. Alternatively, you can call the customer service number and get more details regarding the application process. Both application procedures are viable, you just need to choose the one that suits you the best.

Assist Wireless Plans

There are various plans offered by Assist Wireless to beneficiaries of the Lifeline program. For residents of Missouri, Maryland, and Arkansas, the plan offers 1,000 free airtime minutes, 50 MB of data, and 500 texts on a monthly basis. For residents of Oklahoma, there are various plans for them to choose from. The first plan option is 1,000 minutes, 50 MB of data, and 500 texts per month or 100 minutes, 500 texts, and 3 GB of data.

There is a basic $1 plan that comes with the following: 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts, and 50 MB of data. There’s another option of the $1 which includes: 100 minutes, unlimited texts, and 3 GB data per month. It’s important to take note that if you don’t use all your free airtime in a particular month, you can’t push it to the following month. Moreover, the Oklahoma Tribal $0 plan offers unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 4 GB of data on a monthly basis.

Assist Wireless Cell Phones

If you qualify for the Lifeline program and you apply through Assist Wireless, you will have the chance of getting a free cell phone. The free cell phones issued by the company are based on their availability. There is also the option of bringing your own phone and connecting it with the Assist Wireless service. Upon connecting your phone with the company’s service, you will receive $15 credit and the no-charge package. In case you will want to replace your phone, the replacement charge goes for $25. You have to apply for the replacement online. Card payment is allowed online for you to get your new phone. Alternatively, you can choose to mail a check or money order to Assist Wireless to have your phone replaced.


There are two ways through which persons can apply to become beneficiaries of the Lifeline plan. Eligibility is important since not all American citizens qualify to be part of the program. The first avenue that people qualify through is participating in government assistance programs. For a person to participate in government assistance programs, they have to be needy. That is why those who participate in such programs are automatically eligible for the free government phone program. Some of the government assistance programs include: Medicaid, Tribal Head Start, Federal Public Housing Assistance, and Social Security. The programs can be funded by either the federal or state governments.

The other way through which one can qualify and be eligible for Assist Wireless phones is having a low income. The threshold of measuring the level of low income that one should have to participate in the program is by comparing it with the minimum set by the federal government. According to the federal government, the minimum poverty guidelines are set at 135%. This means that if your income is at or below this percentage, you are eligible for the free government phone program by Assist Wireless. If you qualify through either of the two ways and you choose Assist Wireless to be your service provider, you can go ahead and apply through the avenues available for you.

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