Cheapest Phone Plans in United States


Tired of paying huge bucks for data plans on your phone? Need a less expensive cell phone plan to save you a lot of dollars? Search no further; this is the article for you. Most people in the United States use one of the three biggest cell phone carriers in the country without knowing that lesser ones are offering more affordable cell phone plans than the ones being offered by the major carriers. In-depth research has been conducted to reveal the cheapest cell phone plans you can get in the United States of America.

The Cheapest Cell Phone Plans

T-Mobile Plans

Starting off on our list is the T-Mobile cell phone plan. Boasting a huge data plan of 2GB for a monthly rate of $15, you can also get talk time for as long as you want for the same amount of money. Besides the affordable basic data plan, another exciting news is that you can also upgrade to a higher data plan of 5GB data at $25 per month if you feel the basic plan isn’t enough. There is also the promise of boosting your data on a yearly basis by 500MB until you have been a customer of the cell phone carrier for 5 years.

Features of T-Mobile Plans

These are some of the cool things about T-Mobile but there’s more. The network is a dependable one that you can always rely on upon without it disappointing you and forcing you to switch cell phone carriers. Another good feature of T-Mobile plans is its strict limits on data usage. Unlike other cell phone carriers that choose to reduce your data usage—when your data has been exhausted—until the next monthly billing cycle begins, the T-Mobile Connect cuts it off entirely until the next monthly billing cycle. There could also be cases where the network traffic is congested and therefore slow, and fears start creeping in that your data speed would still be high despite the slow traffic and your data would be exhausted before you have done anything meaningful with it or used it to your satisfaction.

This is something that T-Mobile Connect looks to correct by adding it as one of its features, the possibility that data speed can be slowed down in cases where the network traffic is congested and slow, a feature which would ensure that customers won’t lose data unfairly. These are the features that lifted T-Mobile Connect to the top of our list of the cheapest cell phone plans in the United States of America.

Republic Wireless Plan

Coming up as number two on the list of cheapest cell phone plans in the United States of America is Republic Wireless. Though this cell phone plan offers the same basic data plan for a higher amount of money—2GB for $25 on a monthly basis—the money paid would also cover the costs for calls and texts.

Breaking it down, it charges you $15 for talk text and $5 for every gigabyte of data you wish to have and purchase. But if you are not a fan of data plans, you would only need to pay $15 for calls and text, affordable, right? However, if you choose to spend 2GB for $25, here’s good news for you. Republic Wireless has discounts and only charges you $20.83 per month for the same plan if you choose to pay on annual basis, which means you can enjoy 2 months of free service!

Features of Republic Wireless Plan

Sadly though, everything with pros has cons too.  The disadvantage of using a Republic Wireless cell phone plan is that it doesn’t support iPhones so if you using an iPhone and in search of a cheap cell phone plan in the United States of America to subscribe to, then Republic Wireless isn’t the right cell phone plan for you. But that aside, Republic Wireless boasts the use of Sprint and T-Mobile networks as one of its features.

There is also a special feature which it possesses called Adaptive Coverage, this is how it works. It gives users of the cell pH plan the best call experience and it does this by a technology called Bonded Calling. This technology combines the use of Wi-Fi (Republic Wireless makes good use of it for calls and the like) and the cellular network to give users the best call experience. Normally, Wi-Fi is used while calls are being made, and to fill up loopholes that one may experience during calls, a cellular network is brought in by the ‘Boned Calling’ technology. The combination of Wi-Fi and cellular network gives calls a smooth touch. Republic Wireless is a cheap cell phone plan to consider with all these features in mind.

Metro by T-Mobile Plan

If you are not a fan of the T-Mobile Connect cell phone plan, you should check out the Metro by T-Mobile cell phone plan, and here’s why. Unlike the T-Mobile Connect cell phone plan which offers 2GB for $15 on a monthly basis, Metro by T-Mobile offers a whooping 10GB for $40 monthly. The monthly payment is much higher than T-Mobile Connect plans but if you need a bigger data plan, then it’s worth your subscription.

Features of Metro by T-Mobile Plan

It has been seen too that Metro by T-Mobile is on par with its parent carrier, the T-Mobile Connect in terms of speed and has, in some locations, surpassed the T-Mobile Connect in terms of speed. You should know that T-Mobile is also on par with some of the bigger carriers like AT&T in terms of LTE speed so you are getting a super-fast, cheap cell phone plan in Metro by T-Mobile. Besides speed, Metro by T-Mobile has all taxes and fees included in its plan so you need not worry about paying any more than the monthly $40.

Though Metro by T-Mobile mainly supports low-budget phones, it is known to support iPhones too like the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models. These are the features that make Metro by T-Mobile a must-add on the list of cheapest cell phone plans in the United States of America.

Visible Plan

Think unlimited for cheap, think Visible. Ever wondered if a cell phone plan existed that could give you unlimited data, text, and call time for cheap? Here you have such a cell phone plan in Visible. With only $40 on a monthly basis, you can have unlimited data for streaming and every other thing you wish to use your data for.

Features of Visible Plan

There is also the unlimited text and call time which it offers. Something else amazing about this cell phone plan is that all taxes and fees are included in the monthly payment so you are getting your monthly plan for $40 only, nothing more. Though this is a wonderful pro, there is a bit of a letdown. Verizon, the carrier that owns Visible, prioritizes its network above it and a consequence of this is that the plan’s speed can be very slow in cases where the network traffic is congested.

It will also interest you to know that the Visible cell phone plan offers family plans and besides that, a discount on its monthly rates as you add more lines. Like say, you buy two lines, you will pay $35 for the monthly payment of each instead of the normal $40 per one and this sums up to a total of $70 instead of $80. Likewise, when you buy four lines, you pay $25 for each which would sum up to $100 for monthly payment.

Boost Plan

Number 5 on the list of cheapest cell phone plans in the United States of America is one that offers the same data as T-Mobile Connect for a lower monthly payment as one of its plans. Unlike the T-Mobile Connect that offers 2GB for $15 monthly, the Boost cell phone plan offers 2GB for $10 monthly, $5 less than the T-Mobile Connect. There’s just one snag. This plan only lasts up till the 31st of December, 2020 leaving T-Mobile Connect as the more permanent of the two cell phone plans.

Besides that plan, Boost also boasts of a $45 monthly plan that gives you 15GB and also slashes the monthly payment by $5 for the same amount of gigabytes if you remain a customer of theirs on the plan for 3 to 6 months. This means that if you remain subscribed to the plan for 6 months, you would start paying $35 for the same 15GB. How cool is that? There is yet another plan where you pay $35 for 10GB. Recall that Metro by T-Mobile offers $40 for the same amount of gigabytes. This means that Boost offers the same for $5 less.

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