Terracom Wireless Phones

Terracom is one of the companies that have been partnering with the federal government of the U.S to make the Lifeline program a success. The program caters to needy people without the ability to sufficiently access communication services. It’s for this reason that Terracom comes in handy to provide free phones to those who qualify for the program. Since not every person qualifies for the program, you will get to learn the eligibility process later in the article. Also, the article addresses the application process, cell phones available, and the plans offered to those who qualify.

Application Process

For one to be part of the program, there is a need for the application. This is the first step towards receiving a free government phone from the government. There are two major ways through which you can apply to become a beneficiary of this program. One of the ways is via the company’s website. Once you visit their website, you will get elaborate details on what is needed for the application and how to make the application. You will have to provide important information like your contacts and address among other pieces of information and then wait for feedback from Terracom Wireless. The second way through which you can get in touch with the company for application purposes is by calling the customer care service. The customer service attendants will direct you on how to do the application and any other necessary detail that you will need. With these application processes, you can consider the one that is more viable to you and apply through it.


It’s important to point out that the plans offered by Terracom Phones are free of charge and subscribers don’t pay any monthly charges. However, if by any chance anyone will require additional minutes, an additional fee will be charged. One of the plans is for the residents of Washington and Oklahoma. The plan offers including unlimited texts, 3GB of data, and 2,000 minutes. If you don’t finish up your minutes by the end of the month, the minutes can’t be rolled over to the following month. For residents of Kansas, these are the plan offers they receive from Terracom Wireless: 1840 minutes and unlimited texts or 920 minutes with unlimited texts and 3 GB of data. Moreover, Nebraska plans include 1,350 minutes that come with unlimited texts, or 690 minutes, unlimited texts, and 3 GB of data. For beneficiaries from other states, they have the freedom to choose between 1,000 minutes with unlimited texts or 500 minutes, unlimited texts, and 3 GB of data.


Terracom offers different phone models and brands to those who qualify for the program. It is significant to highlight that those who qualify for the free phones don’t have full control of the phones they acquire. This means that the company only gives out phones to eligible persons depending on their availability. There are times when one will receive a phone that he or she doesn’t like. In such cases, you can request the company for an upgrade of the same but you will have to pay more for the service. Again, if you lose your phone, you can have it replaced only that you will have to pay an additional fee for the replacement.


For you to be eligible for the free government phone courtesy of Terracom Wireless, you have to meet the requirements of the government. There are two requirements that you have to fulfill to become eligible for the program. You have to show prove that you are needy. You do this by showing that you are a participant in an assistance program by either the federal or state governments. If you are a participant in an assistance program, you become eligible quite easily because this shows that you are truly in need. There are different assistance programs that persons participate in and one among them is Medicaid. So, if you’re a beneficiary of such, it’s easy for you to get approved.

The other way persons become eligible is through the income-based eligibility channel. In this avenue, you have to prove that you earn an income that is less than the minimum requirement by the federal government. Particularly, if you earn less than 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, you qualify for the program. Thus, if you meet the above requirements, you can go ahead and apply for a free government phone through Terracom Wireless.

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