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The Lifeline program has been in operation for decades now, and it has continued to support persons without the ability to access affordable communication services. The success of the program has been as a result of the federal government working with various telecommunications companies and TruConnect Wireless happens to be one of them. If you qualify for the program, you can go ahead and apply for free phones and communication services through TruConnect. The factors of eligibility are discussed later in the article. This article provides you with important information regarding the application process, plans, cell phones, and how to qualify.

Application Process

The application process for a free government phone through TruConnect is the first step you have to engage in. You can apply through the company’s website. All you have to do is to visit the website and give out important information regarding your income. Once you are on their site, you enter your zip code to confirm whether your state is serviced by the company. If the company offers Lifeline services in your state, you can go ahead with the application process. You can also apply by calling the customer care number. The customer care service by the company will give you any details required and are necessary for the application. You can either choose to apply online or call the customer care number for directions on how you can proceed with the application.


There are benefits that those who qualify for the Lifeline program get to enjoy. The first thing they get to enjoy is a free phone from the company. They also get to enjoy free minutes, unlimited texts, and free data. For example, California residents who earn a low income are able to enjoy free unlimited texts, unlimited calls, and 3GB of data in a month. Those from other states also have access to free data, voice minutes, and unlimited texts. Since these persons don’t have the ability to afford the normal calling rates, they are given the privilege of free offers. Also, apart from these, customers have access to the following features: call waiting, free nationwide services, caller ID, free international calls, and voice mail.

Cell Phones

As long as you qualify for the program and you apply through TruConnect, you are eligible to receive a free phone and begin to connect with friends and relatives. The company gives out different phone brands and models to their customers. But, it’s important to point out that you only receive the phone that is available for you. Since this is an assistance program by the government, you don’t have the freedom of choosing the phone that you like. If you manage to get the phone that you wished to have, it’s a plus to you. There is also the possibility of you coming with your phone and having it connected with the company’s service. This will allow you to enjoy the free services on a phone that suits your own needs and preferences.


Eligibility carries a great deal of significance for those applying for free government phones. Not every person is eligible for the service, and there can only be one person having a free phone per household. The first avenue through which you can become eligible is by the assistance programs offered by the federal or state governments. The assistance programs offer help to deserving citizens in various ways and capacities. If you’re a participant in any assistance program, you automatically qualify for the Lifeline program because it shows that you’re already needy. It is easier to qualify through this form of eligibility compared to any other.

The second way through which you can qualify for the program is through your income. Your income level has to be lower than the standard set by the federal government for you to qualify for the service. Particularly, your income has to be at or lower than 135% of the federal poverty guidelines for you to qualify for the program. It’s also advisable that you check the poverty guidelines for your state to confirm whether you qualify. This avenue of eligibility is not as easy as the assistance program-based because with this one, you have to show proof of your income level. Once you are approved to be eligible, you can proceed with the application at TruConnect Wireless.

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