StandUp Wireless Phones

StandUp Wireless is one of the phone service providers under the Lifeline program by the federal government. The program offers free cell phones to people without the ability to afford the usual communication options. Generally, these are people under government assistance programs or earning an income that is lower than the minimum set by the government. If anyone falls into this category, they can apply to get free cell phones by StandUp Wireless. You will learn the application process, plans, cell phones, and eligibility below.

The Application Process

The application process for a free government cell phone through StandUp Wireless is simple. One of the ways through which you apply through this service provider is by visiting their website. Once you enter your zip code, you’ll be able to know whether the service is available in your state of residence. If your state of residence is among the ones serviced by this company, you can go ahead and begin the application process online. Apart from the online application, you can also opt to call the company to apply. The moment you call, you will be directed on how you can proceed with the process. If you’re eligible for a free phone by the government, you can choose the application that suits you the best to qualify for services by StanUp Wireless.


If you qualify for a free phone by this company, you will have access to various services in its communication plan. The plan offers the following features:

Voice mail

Call waiting

International calls for free

Free nationwide long-distance service

Caller ID

They also offer the following to their customers: 1,000 minutes, 500 MB data, and unlimited texts. There is also the option of buying extra time in the following options:

With $10, you get unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and 1 GB of data

With $20, you get unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and 3 GB of data

With $30, you get unlimited minutes and texts plus 8GB of data.

There is also the referral program where you refer persons to the program and once they mention your name and phone number, you get 100 free minutes on top of what you already have.

Cell Phones

For those who qualify for the Lifeline program and apply through StandUp Wireless, they are eligible for free cell phones. They issue various cell phones based on their availability, so beneficiaries only receive the phones in stock at the time of issuance. However, there is an option of bringing your own phone and connecting it with their service. Once you bring your own phone, you’ll be given a SIM card and be instructed on how you’ll install it your phone. It’s important to take note that not all phones are compatible with the company. So, as you bring your own phone, you should ensure that it’s compatible. You can check the compatibility of your phone with the company by visiting their website and use the tools provided to confirm.


When it comes to eligibility, there are two ways through which you can qualify for a free cell phone. It’s worth taking note that not every person can qualify to become a beneficiary of the Lifeline program. The first way through which people qualify for the program is by being participants of a program for the needy by the federal government or in an applicant’s state of residence. For the federal or state funded assistance program beneficiaries, your qualification for a free government phone is automatic because it is a clear indication that you need assistance to get a phone and a reliable and affordable plan for communication.

The other avenue that you can qualify for a free phone through StandUp Wireless is through the income level eligibility. Your income has to be lower than the one set by the federal government for you to qualify for the free phone. The government has set the minimum poverty guidelines at 135%. So, if your income is at or below that level, you qualify for a free cell phone. In the same vein, it’s good for you to check the poverty guidelines for your state because they can be different from that of the federal government. If you’re eligible, you can go ahead and apply for a free cell phone.

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